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  • How I adverted a conflict using stun gun and baton

    I was driving to work when I came upon a stop light. The car in right lane was stopped and the light changed green. I got in the left lane to pass and as the left lane was ending , I noticed this guy had picked up speed to cut me off. I did get passed him, but he not only proceeded to ride my back bumper, he also followed me into my job. As he jumped out of his car, he had a knife pulled out. I casually got out of my car with a trigger stun gun and a 26 inch steel baton.  As he approached, I swung out the baton and cut on my stun gun. He stopped short on his approach and his girlfriend started shouting at him for being in the wrong. He cussed at me and got back in his car. I'm glad he used what little sense he had, otherwise it might have been a disastrous event.

  • Welcome To Apocalypse Survival Gear

    Apocalypse Survival Gear was created in order to provide quality non-lethal self defense products.  We also have some survival products and home surveillance and safety products.

    Let me introduce myself. My name is David Edwards. I got started in dealing with stun guns and pepper sprays back in 2012. I was a truck driver. I was laid over for 3 days in South Chicago.  I had gotten a room for the night and 2 thugs tried to rob me. They cracked my jaw, a couple of ribs and gave me a concussion. I was unarmed at the time. I was still able to keep them from doing more damage to me or anyone else that night. Thank God for adrenaline. I put both assailants in the hospital with me, even without weapons.

    I wasn't able to take a firearm with me because I went into Canada quite a bit. They confiscate your firearms at the point of entry and in order to get the guns back, you had to came back across the same point of entry. Most of the time, you went back into the US through a different point. I knew quite a few drivers that lost their firearms.

    Stun Guns and Pepper Sprays were a different thing. You didn't have to turn them into Canada's point of entries. You could keep them with you at all times. So that is why I opted for the non-lethal type of weapons.

    It was also known to me how many people in the US didn't like firearms at all. So I decided to start selling these non-lethal products to the public. At first, I would show people my products that I usually kept on me or with me. This brought in a few sales. Then , in February of 2014, I had a blackout that prompted me to give up trucking. I started handing out the catalogs I had printed for my company, along with order forms. I also started selling a few products at the Flea Mall.

    Over the next few years, as sells increased, I decided to get this website up and running. Now I have access to the world. I used to work in retail before I became a truck driver and now work in retail once again. Using this experience in retail, I am working really hard to grow this company. I would love for Apocalypse Survival Gear to be received as a formidable and reputable company with quality products and service. I hope you enjoy the website.

    If you have any questions or concerns about our products, feel free to leave a comment or question.

    Thank you for your time in getting to know me and my purpose for building this company.

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