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Audio Recorders

Are Audio Recorders accurate? Can they really be used in Spy Surveillance? 

The recording will be as accurate as the mic and recorder allow .

Your experience of your voice is always going to be different from even an accurate recording because of bone conduction through your skull, which usually makes your voice sound deeper to your own ears.

If you record someone else whose voice you know and then compare to the recording, you'll hear that they're much more similar, since you're not getting that secondary audio pathway to your inner ears.

Do the same, ask them if your voice sounds accurate to THEM on the recording, and you'll have some idea.

You can add some bass weight to your voice by speaking very close to the microphone, preferably across the top of the mic to avoid popping sounds, but softer than normal. This will usually give more of a low frequency emphasis that might bring you closer to your self-perceived voice character.

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