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About Us

My name is David Edwards. I am the owner of Apocalypse Survival Gear. 

I got started in the Non-Lethal self defense products while I was a truck driver.  I was attacked in a hotel in South Chicago by 2 guys that were trying to rob me. They cracked my jaw, cracked a few ribs and gave me a concussion. I was able to fight back without help and subdued both attackers, but felt that I could have been spared alot of pain if I had some type of weapon.

As a trucker, I traveled into Canada quite a bit. The problem with owning a gun was that at the Canadian border, they inspected your truck for different items prohibited into Canada. This included firearms. They would confiscate the firearm and lock it up until you came back through that point of entry. Most of the time you would exit Canada at a different point than you entered. Most drivers I know that carried firearms, never got them back. 

Stun guns, however, were not prohibited, so I searched for a really good one and bought it. I felt more secure and safe with it on me. 

Then I started selling stun guns and pepper sprays from a catalog that I had found as a wholesaler, to other drivers.  Over time I started working on a website to promote these products. I also started selling other non-lethal self defense products and home safety products. This website is a product of hard work and determination. 

Out in the real world, there are violent people that do not care about the sanctity of life. I also know there are a group of people who detest firearms. In order to help those people take care of themselves without the death that can occur from a firearm, I have put together a team to create Apocalypse Survival Gear.  Safety and self defense are our primary concern here at Apocalypse Survival Gear.

We at Apocalypse Survival Gear are on a mission to help protect all walks of life from having any harm come to them. We believe everyone haas the right to defend themselves against any person or animal that tries to cause them harm. Therefore, not only do we offer non-lethal products to deter or inhibit someone from causing harm, but we also have animal deterents like Bear Mace and Dog Mace. 

We provide surveillance systems for home and businesses. Along with the complete systems, we offer products like Dummy Cameras, diversion safes, hidden cameras, self defense training dvd's and a multitude of other home defense products. 

We are also offerring a 15% discount on all products, excluding Tasers, but a 5% discount on Tasers with FREE Shipping on all products.